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What might cause my move to be cancelled?

When ordering a moving service, if your driver is unable to move your items due to incomplete or inaccurate address information, or if you are not at home when the driver arrives, you'll have to request a new move, and you'll be billed for it again. Please double-check that your address is correct, including the correct postcode, so that your move would be successful the first time. Please include any specific moving guidelines that may assist us in locating your address. If you've requested us to collect your belongings from reception, make sure you have their permission first and that someone will be present to hand them over. If your driver is unable to reach you within the moving window due to unexpected circumstances, we will reschedule your move to the same address free of charge. Although delays are particularly unusual, they do occur. We recommend having your belongings moved at least two working days before you plan on leaving the property. If your driver is compelled to wait for more than 15 minutes for any reason, you will be invoiced for the time spent by the driver if it leads to the overall job time to increase.
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