What items can move with Stackt?

Please refer to the following list of what items Stackt can and cannot move for you when conducting a moving service.


Alcohol (including beer, wine, liquor)

Liquids (including cosmetics & toiletries)

Food or perishables (including dried or canned food)

Live plantsUsed tires


Items that emit smells or fumes

Illegal or controlled substances

Live animals or taxidermy

Firearms, guns, or ammunition

Flammable or combustible materials (no gases, explosives, or asbestos)

Hazardous materials (radioactive, chemical, or biological wastes)

Vehicles (boats, cars, riding lawn mowers, or anything with an engine)

Human remains

Grand or baby grand pianos (or upright pianos if stairs are present)

Grandfather clocks

Mechanical furniture that has not been professionally disassembled, including Sleep Number beds

Items that show signs of infestation, or are at a location with signs of infestation (insects, rodents, mould)

Items our team cannot safely transport (unusually heavy or bulky items)

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