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What do I need to do before a Stackt move?

Please be present for the whole moving window to ensure that your moving goes well. Your move might happen at any point throughout the timeframe you specified. This implies that moving might happen at any point within the 2-hour time window. You must be present at the collection address at this time or authorise someone else, such as a receptionist, to receive your items on your behalf. We must be informed in writing if another individual who is not you was delegated to accept the items and/or provide access to the property on your behalf. Moreover, for the safety of your belongings during transit, we highly recommend that all your items are packed in traditional boxes. Tell us of any changes in a timely manner. You can change your moving time and details up to 24 hours before your booking. You will be charged for last minute cancellations. In addition, you will then need to place a new order and will be charged again for the new move. Please strip any mounted goods from the walls, such as TVs or artwork. At least 24 hours before your pickup, make sure to unplug and dry any major appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washers. It is your responsibility to ensure any objects that require specialised equipment to disassemble are disassembled ahead of time. You will have to take extra steps to prepare if you select Moving only (without the Packing option).
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