Is there anything I can't ship?

Money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of any similar kind

​Cash, credit or debit cards

​Liquids (including cosmetics & toiletries)

Alcohol (including beer, wine, liquor)

Items that emit smells or fumes

Illegal or controlled substances

Live animals or taxidermy

Firearms, guns, or ammunition

Flammable or combustible materials (no gases, explosives, or asbestos)

Hazardous materials (radioactive, chemical, or biological wastes)

Vehicles (boats, cars, riding lawn mowers, or anything with an engine)

Pool tables

Human remains

Grand or baby grand pianos (or upright pianos if stairs are present)

Grandfather clocks

Mechanical furniture that has not been professionally disassembled, including Sleep Number beds

Items that show signs of infestation, or are at a location with signs of infestation (insects, rodents, mould)

Items our team cannot safely transport (unusually heavy or bulky items)

We can currently ship most items however it depends on the shipping regulation in the specified country. In order to eliminate inconvenience, please contact us via one of our customer service channels to handle your request.

When packing, if you’re having your stuff shipped internationally, there are some additional items that we should not collect or receive by you to be shipped. It is your responsibility to ensure we don’t collect:

Any liquids or aerosols, regardless of size





Any items the carriage of which could be breaking laws or rules in any country over which the consignment travels

Dumbbells and gym weight plates

Stuff that doesn’t fit inside a box

You can find a full list of prohibited items for international shipping here.

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