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by Stackt  ∙ 18 Jan 2024 ∙ Moving  Storage  

The Genesis of Stackt

Rashid Aliyev embarked on his journey in London eight years ago, pursuing a degree in Information Management for Business at University College London. During his tenure at UCL, Rashid served as the president of a student business society, affording him the opportunity to connect with influential figures in the business world. Upon graduation, Rashid set out to build a private members' community for established entrepreneurs, organizing gatherings, forums, and speaker sessions.

However, fate took an unexpected turn when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe. Adapting swiftly to the new norm, Rashid's team transitioned their events online, only to realize that monetizing virtual gatherings proved to be a formidable challenge. Simultaneously, in the summer of 2020, they observed a growing predicament - international students stranded abroad, unable to return to the UK due to border closures. These students were burdened with ongoing rent payments for their apartments or dorms, which still held their belongings. There was a void in the market for trustworthy services to pack, store, or relocate their possessions. Recognizing this pressing need, Stackt was born.

Solving the Student Relocation Puzzle

In its initial phase, Stackt manually packed boxes for students and marketed its services on Instagram, receiving an overwhelming response. Rashid and his team personally managed the packing and transportation, scaling up with the assistance of self-employed movers while maintaining a hands-on approach to ensure quality. Communication primarily relied on WhatsApp, as there was no dedicated technological infrastructure in place.

This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into the moving and storage industry, unveiling a notable technological gap in a sector otherwise marked by growth and increasing mobility. With most leases in England spanning one to two years, coupled with a trend of people relocating every one to two years, the need for accessible and cost-effective storage solutions became evident. Smaller apartments, driven by soaring property prices, further fueled the demand for storage space.

Seamless Digital Journey

Stackt's approach is defined by a fully digital journey for customers. Whether it's storage or moving services, clients can accomplish everything without visiting a physical location. They visit the website, select a storage plan based on their space requirements, list their items for storage, and complete the payment. Stackt's movers then collect the items directly from the customer's doorstep and transport them to a secure facility. Each item is meticulously cataloged digitally, facilitating easy retrieval whenever needed. For instance, a family going on a skiing trip can request their skis while keeping the rest in storage, with the requested items delivered within 24 hours. Moreover, as items are retrieved, Stackt automatically adjusts the storage cost, ensuring added savings for its customers.

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AI in Action

The heart of Stackt's online platform is an AI-driven algorithm that takes into account various factors, such as the number of items, types of furniture, current and new addresses, floor levels, parking availability, and anticipated traffic. With this information, the algorithm accurately determines the required number of movers and predicts the duration of the move. It can estimate, for example, the time it takes to move a sofa from the third floor of a building, considering the presence or absence of an elevator. Once the customer confirms and processes the payment, they are matched with Stackt's vetted independent movers.

Vetting Movers for Excellence

All movers integrated into the Stackt platform undergo a rigorous vetting process. This includes comprehensive background checks, scrutiny of driving licenses, vehicle assessments, and verification of all necessary documentation, including insurance. Movers who meet these stringent criteria sign contracts with Stackt. With years of experience in the moving business, Stackt's network of movers comprises seasoned professionals.

Diverse Clientele

While Stackt initially targeted students to validate its services, its client base has diversified over time. Young professionals, families, couples, and people from various backgrounds have turned to Stackt for their moving and storage needs. From growing families in need of extra space to couples optimizing their combined living spaces, Stackt caters to a wide spectrum of customers. Seasonal trends, such as students moving to new accommodations or returning home, also influence demand.

The universal need for reliable moving services ensures that Stackt remains a valuable resource for people from all walks of life.

In a world marked by increasing mobility and evolving living arrangements, Stackt's innovative approach and commitment to technological excellence are paving the way for a smarter, more convenient, and efficient moving and storage experience.

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